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Pastor Column: Celebrating Lent in the time of coronavirus
Faith Briefs: Lenten Penance Service, Blessing of Baskets, more
Faith Briefs: Lenten Penance Service, Senior Happy Hour
Faith Briefs: Soup Suppers during Lent, Stations of the Cross
Faith Briefs: Ash Wednesday volunteers needed, Stations of the Cross, more
Faith Briefs: Soup Supper, Volunteers needed for Ash Wednesday
Faith Briefs: EDGE Youth Service, St. Bernard's Kids' Choir
Dr. Robert Lawler to speak at Our Lady of Woods
Faith Briefs: Holy Hour, Council of Catholic Women, more
Faith Briefs: Women's Ministry, Council of Catholic Women
Faith Briefs: Senior happy hour, community choir practice
Pastor Column: Becoming the person God created you to be
Pastor Column: Focusing on what is really important following Christmas
Faith Briefs: Adult Bible study, Happy Hours, more
Bishop Conlon begins medical leave of absence
Faith Briefs: Senior connections, Kids Zone Ministry
Faith Briefs: Christmas Eve, Christmas masses
Faith Briefs: Christmas Masses, Advent services, more
Interfaith Thanksgiving celebration takes place in Lockport
Respect Life Ministries announce special Holy Hour
Faith Briefs: Council of Catholic Women, Senior Happy Hour, more
Pastor Column: Trying to give thanks in all different circumstances
Faith Briefs: Christmas Market, Community Blood Drive, more
Faith Briefs: Bible Study, Divine Worship, more
Faith Briefs: Bible Study, Daily Mass, more