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Rev. Thomas Loya, Annunciation Byzantine Catholic Church

Rev. Thomas Loya, Annunciation Byzantine Catholic Church's Recent Articles

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Finding joy in the autumns of our lives
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An appropriate dress code
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Pastor Column: Looking back, moving forward with gratitude
Pastor Column: The beauty of a happy marriage
Pastor Column: The perception and acceptance of reality
Pastor column: Asking an important question
Pastor column: Giving the full gift of self
Pastor Column: Recognizing complementarity in the world around us
Pastor Column: Breaking away from pornography addiction
Pastor Column: Considering the total effect of ‘Pokémon Go’
Pastor Column: Embracing family to find love, commitment
Pastor Column: A seasonal, natural essence of all men
Pastor Column: Not letting our feelings define us or run our lives
Pastor Column: Experiencing God, wonderment on the prairie
Pastor Column: The meaning of bride and bridegroom
Pastor Column: The importance of mercy within marriage
Pastor Column: An opportunity to receive mercy
Pastor Column: A holy gift of gratitude
Pastor Column: Examining complementarity in everything all around us
Pastor Column: A theology of the body
Pastor Column: A theology of the body
A theology of the body
A theology of the body
A theology of the body
A theology of the body
A Theology of the Body
Connecting on another level
Giving, receiving God’s love
Reading between the lines
Shaped for a purpose
Searching for intimacy
Unraveling the roots of our needs
A miraculous brush with catastrophe
Filling our lives with praise, gratitude
A community-centered vision
Working through marital issues, one sock at a time
Recouping love during the 'empty nest syndrome' stage
Maintaining faith through the toughest battles
A deeper connection with the Bible
You’re not supposed to ‘get’ anything out of church